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Jan 9 14 8:41 AM

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In this country we will soon celebrate our national day. To exploit this occasion two large supermarkets had placed on sale T-shirts to further that celebration. A few people found the shirts, loudly declaring AUSTRALIA 1788, to be offensive to the original inhabitants. 

It should be pointed out that the name AUSTRALIA was first used by Matthew Flinders in his descriptions of his voyage around the continent in 1802-03 and later in his official report in England. In 1817 Governor Lachlan MacQuarie recommended the name.

If we use the year 1788 as the founding year then rightly that year applies only to New South Wales and the celebration should be officially New South Wales Day.

So what are we celebrating? The first European settlement in New Holland, Terra Australis Incognita, The Great South Land?????   New South Wales Day?  Or some nebulous, ill-considered, political afterthought that is yet to be resolved?

It is probably fortunate that we were not forced to declare war and fight for independence as happened in the USA but it would have simplified our choice of a day for the foundation of our nation.

Whatever happens, I'm disinclined to treat our national day as an occasion for wearing a black arm band. Yet I'm often discomforted by the knowledge that a golden thread that runs through British law is one that states [paraphrased] that if you steal something you cannot deprive the original owner of his rightful title of ownership and nor can you pass on valid title to a third party.

No one has been able to settle my mind on this issue.
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Jan 10 14 9:58 AM

whelp, here in the US, we have the biggest farce of a holiday known as Columbus Day, where they teach us that in 1492, Columbus discovered Amerika.

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Jan 12 14 11:42 AM

Everyone knows that until white people discover something, it doesn't exist.

"I much prefer someone who is stuck in the box thinking, to someone who is stuck in the box not thinking." ~Rich9090

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Feb 1 14 9:18 AM

It would appear that it is not politically correct, not cricket or ungentlemanly to mention that golden thread that is woven through the fabric of British law. Is it ignorance, annoyance or indifference that holds back the fulsome protestations and outraged denials of responsibility for this seemingly inconvenient , bothersome issue? Is it an issue, an unhealed wound, a boil on the bum of society? If it is [and the readers' silences proclaim loudly and unmistakably that it is], what should be done about it?

Let us stiffen our spines a little and face what needs to be faced. Let us not put it aside for someone else to deal with at a later time. Such an abrogation will only arouse contempt from a later generation and a pent up rancour justifiable in its righteousness from the genuinely aggrieved other party.    

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