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Jun 29 14 3:07 PM

I see, thanks for that information.

I never proposed a Roman hegemony for attracting women to Christianity, I proposed that Christianity offered women more privileges than the dominant Mithraism

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Jul 22 14 5:03 PM

actually women had power equal to that of the male prior to jehova been put forth as the dominate 'god' after the exceptence of the lord of war as 'god' by one and all the women were subjected to male domination but and with the exception as a big one but not totally the line of the womans liniage is traced in the bible not the males but the females and the reason for this is due to the fact that they male and female were created equally side by side not in subjugation as was later adopted ....  you know this is one of the main reasons chrisianity has such limited appeal for most sane thinking women today .....  why subjugate yourself to an equal the bible guilt is pure evil but thats just a personal oppinion I never did like that fairy tale very much I perfer those with happy endings ...  shrugs

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Jul 23 14 11:10 PM

In Europe, before Christianity, the religions were more female oriented. Christianity appears to have had an advantage over Mithraism in that it accepted female initiates, but Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all patriarchal religions where women are minimsed to some degree.

Islam's treatment of women today is really nothing like the earliest Islam where women had more rights than before, could attend the mosque for prayers, and even do so unveiled. By being patriarchal, after Muhammad the leaders went back to their old ways and used selective verses to minimise women again. In western societies where women are becoming more educated, they are reading the texts for themselves and are demanding a return to the old ways when they could worship at the mosque, just wear modest clothing and could marry Jewish and Christian men.

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Aug 5 14 3:32 PM

So then, what is your view regarding the topic of my paper: the relationship between the Gospels of John and Thomas? Do you think their authors were polemical or independent of each other? In particular do you think John wrote in response to the Thomasine Christians as Elaine Pagels and others think? 

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Aug 6 14 8:04 PM

Yes, in "Beyond Belief: the Secret Gospel of Thomas" she write on the Thomas Christians, and I referenced several of her arguments in my paper.

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Aug 7 14 3:41 PM

Can you post your paper again, I can't seem to find it?

I though it was in this thread but coudn't find it

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