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Aug 12 14 6:24 AM

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It seems that many are losing interest in on line groups, not only this one, but many others as well.
Have we discussed the same thing so many times we have grown tired of our different viewpoints?
Or have we run out of subjects to discuss because we can think of nothing new?
I hate to think that all the above might be true, for in a way it means many have lost interest in life
OR they have discovered the real life outside their doors has much more to offer than online life sitting behind 
a computer screen, which is IMO not a bad thing.
however a mix of both - real life & on line life - would be better.
any comments?
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Aug 13 14 9:26 PM

I think most people are going to social media. I know the Facebook sites are quite popular.

As to life outside of cyberspace. Yes, that is a good thing, and people should get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

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Aug 14 14 6:29 AM

[size=100][size=120]image[/size]lol[/size]I'm still around and glad to see you back Sky I missed ya I'll amit I've been playing on face book for a while now omg the games so many and I love em lol I'm a Farmville2 fan and mafia wars and pepper panic and many more ya they got me hooked lol plus its easy to post but not as up front and in your face as being in a group cause you can just flit in then fly away never to talk to the person again its odd I have lots of buds over there and well it seems that with a few exceptions most are from my old mns groups lol we all move in together so to speak oh and I have been outside this summer I've planted some flowers and have been keeping the bee's in my yard happy just by letting the clover patch in the back yard grow......  by now I think one of my neighbors pretty much hates me he sprays his yard  for weeds and I let mine go ...  shrugs I like bee's image

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Aug 14 14 11:37 AM

Hey Raven. I just quit Facebook because I never went there since early last winter, and they kept filling up my email, like in the thousands, so quit.
Do hope you'll post some more here, wish you could get into yuku. You'd enjoy STORMY's BOOK OF SHADOWS, a pagan group, and Spirit Rebels group NO HOLDS BARED. I love games myself, have ALOT on my iPad.
My hubby and I are official Snowbirds, going south to the Mississippi coast, where we have a condo in Biloxi. Spend 4 -5 months there and leave the ranch to the younger folk who wk for us.
Have to admit I missed you also. We are trying to get a new lawn started ourselves, been in a 4 yr drought till it started raining this summer. First time it's been green in 4 years. I cherish every blade of grass, wildflower and weed growing in the pastures.

Hope to read new posts by you soon.

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Aug 14 14 1:37 PM

Yes I lost interest. I used to keep my money in the bank many years ago and was pleased with the 1% interest per year payout.  But then I discovered stocks and realized I could earn 1% a day (or more!). So I no longer keep money in the bank and have lost interest as a result. 

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Aug 21 14 5:04 AM

Interest rates are pitiful. If you put $100,000.00 cd for one year, you will make a whopping $1,000.00 - of you can get a so called good rate. I cked about a year ago just yo see how much you could get if you could save up $100,000.00.

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Sep 24 16 8:18 AM

This used to be an active site. WHAT HAPPENED?

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