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Aug 22 16 1:08 AM

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What different names of God did you came across? 
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Aug 25 16 1:38 PM

Yahweh or YHWH (I Am Who I Am) is His name, and occurs with the following variations:
Yahweh Nissi (Lord My Banner)
Yahweh Raah (Lord My Shepherd)
Yahweh Rapha (Lord Who Heals)
Yahweh Shammah (Lord is There)
Yahweh Tsidkenu (Lord Our Righteousness)
Yahweh Makoddishkem (Lord who Sanctifies You)
Yahweh Yireh (Lord will Provide)
Yahweh Shalom (Lord is Peace)
Yahweh Sabaoth (Lord of Hosts)

Of course Jews never pronounce the divine name, but instead say Adonai (Lord, Master) in its place.

El (Sovereign God) and its plural Elohim (All-Powerful, Creator) are titles referring to God and occur with the following cognates:
El Olam (Everlasting God)
El Shaddai (God Almighty, God of the Mountains)
El Elyon (God Most High)
El Roi (God Who Sees)

These are the most common ones, but there are many more at:

hope this helps

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