Jul 12 13 6:28 AM

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ok I'm not much for baking and don't really have the patients to make fancy deserts but this ones quick and easy and anyone can do it ..

so get a can of  pastry dough from the store any kind/brand  will do  press it into tart pans or mini pie tins and bake according to the package directions  take out and let cool ...

1 tub of whip cream
mixed with 4-6 (depends on how lemony you want them) lemon balm (you can get this at walmart or any grocery store) once you have it mixed and to taste fill the crust with it and slather more plain  whip cream on top along with some lemon zest and presto  you have a lemon tart .......

yumm and enjoy

lol told ya I wasn't much for baking

its quick, easy and good you'll enjoy