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Sep 12 13 7:51 PM

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I normally keep personal stuff off here, but I have and umbilical hernia and in checking it which entails reducing it ( poking my guts back in ) to see if it has become strangulated ( stuck hanging out-meaning you're in deep do-do ) I managed to scratch the skin covering it with a fingernail, which now has become an infected abscess complete with fluid leaking hole. So I'm taking Clindamycin, and packing gauze in the remnants of my navle hoping it will heal, if not I'm in for a hospital stay with intravenous antibiotics. Now imagine working sweaty, dirty jobs and keeping this thing clean.

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Sep 12 13 8:39 PM

Get yourself to a hospital. My father in law had a strangulated hernia recently and a section of bowel died, meaning he had to get 4 inches of bowel removed.

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Sep 12 13 9:00 PM

I'll be checking charities to see if I can find one to help, but for now it's getting the infection cleared up.

Not sure how my post wound up here ?????

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Sep 16 13 6:18 PM

Get your self in to the hospital - If I remember, you are a diabetic.  You'll end up with a MRSA infection, and that can kill you.  I lost part of my foot to MRSA last year.  You don't want to go through what I had to do through.


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Sep 16 13 10:22 PM

Sounds dangerous.  I need to avoid getting cuts on my legs and feet.  They take a lot longer to heal than they used to, leaving scabs on my legs most of the time.

Be very careful and err on the side of caution like Rich says.  You will have to go to the ER.

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Sep 18 13 10:05 AM

Arises seriously drag your ass in to the nearest hospital and get treated ....

they list the ones in your state ....  btw the hospital is the last place you actually want to stay if your sick cause of all the infections everywhere but you need to get treated .....

dam...  diabetes isn't for whimps ....  shudders  

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Sep 18 13 10:46 AM

WHY have you not gone to a hospital?? If you don't get it taken care of now, it will become seriously infected and you will die. This isn't time for some home-remedy patchwork.

"I much prefer someone who is stuck in the box thinking, to someone who is stuck in the box not thinking." ~Rich9090

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Sep 25 13 9:18 AM

Aries, I know you have money probs and there isn't any insurance  in America, but go to the ER! They can't turn you away!


~‎"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals" ~ Immanuel Kant

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Oct 21 13 1:23 PM

I'm ok. I'm having to move to a new apartment and my computer quit so everything is in the air right now. I got some anibiotics, it healed after a bit of time,
I was leaking a colored,odorless fluid for a bit, and I now have some odd scar tissue but other wise I'm doing ok.

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