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Jun 11 14 8:09 AM

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ok so anyway I won't go into details on what prompted me to ask myself what the parameters of a vortex were but to say that I did ind a rather interesting artical on that topic that I wish to share with the group and ya I know its a russian author but BFD its still left more questions than answers as to my original queery but it is an interesting answer to such ... lmao well to me it was but maybe not so much so to any one else actually it prompted a lot of questions for me but Im looking in a different avenue than most for asking them I guess .....  opps sorry lol my bad here's the artical that I'm refferencing .....

D. G. Akhmetov
UDC 532.5; 532.527

its a breif synapsis of the main question that i was looking for

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Jun 11 14 8:12 AM

don't know if this is of interest to anyone else but if it is please reply and if  you have knowledge of Vortexs I'd like to pick your brain a bit on em to be sure ....  image

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